All materials are due by April 1. 

1. Complete the questions in this application form.

2. Provide the name, department, phone number, and email address below for one reference (preferably your graduate research advisor) who will provide a letter of recommendation. Providing the email address in this form and then submitting the form will result in a notification to your advisor to supply a recommendation letter.* Recommendation letters are also due by April 1 so make sure to leave time for your advisor to submit the letter. In addition to the general recommendation, your advisor should address the following points in the letter: 

  • The reason this student is not being supported through a local Graduate Research Assistantship. 
  • Has this student applied for student support through a NASA graduate student researchers program such as FINESST?  If “yes”, describe the status of the proposal; if “no”, explain why not. 

3. Upload a research and personal statement of no more than four pages (references not counted in this limit). Your statement should describe your research as well as your educational and career goals and interests and how they relate to specific NASA areas of research.  Your statement should discuss any past, present, and planned future involvement with NASA, as well as publications, honors, and awards you may have received.

4. Upload a copy of your resume in this form.

5. Upload a copy of your unofficial graduate school transcript in this form. Entering or first year graduate students should also include a copy of your unofficial undergraduate transcript. 

*Please notify your references that they will be receiving an email from MSGC. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.