Evaluations are of key importance to continued funding for MSGC. By gathering as much data as possible on all our MSGC participants, we are able to quantitatively show our great value to NASA and be able to continue to fund the program at an appropriate level for future students. Your answers will remain anonymous.

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Complete the questions in this application form.

Upload a personal statement, resume, and unofficial transcript. The personal statement should include information about your life, why you are interested in working with a NASA program, and what motivates you to pursue your major. Your resume should include a list of skills and any previous hands-on experience.

Provide the name, department, phone number, and email address below for two references who will provide letters of recommendation.  Once you have successfully submitted this form your referees will receive an email with a link to upload your reference. Please notify your references that they will be receiving an email from MSGC.  

Funded projects require a final report of 1.5 - 2 pages to be submitted to the MSGC office. Final presentations and final reports are the MSGC metrics for our MSGC SMART Objectives (a.k.a. the proof that we are accomplishing what we said we aimed to do). The purpose of presenting results is to share with others what was done, while purpose of the final report is to capture the impact of the internship on the individual. 

Please fill in your name and upload your final report. Please also consider separately sending your final report to your local MSGC affiliate representative. You can find your affiliates information here: https://spacegrant.montana.edu/members.html

Please fill out the following form as soon as possible following any SPOT presentation. 

You can attach any receipts and expenditures at the end of this form. 

Complete the questions in this application form.
Students accepted into the Apprenticeship Program are expected to devote a significant amount of time to their projects, at least 160 hours and up to 500 hours. Typical hourly pay is $12 per hour.

Complete the questions in this application form. In addition your application must include a 2 page proposal, including a project title, explanation of the problem to be studied and how that relates to NASA's mission, goals to be achieved, experimental approach, and references. Please include an estimate of how many hours you anticipate working on your project per week. Also the faculty mentor must write a supporting letter, describing how the student will contribute to the research project, and indicating support for the proposal.

Congratulations on accepting your MSGC award! Please complete the following information. NASA requires all Space Grant Consortia to track students who receive funding through our program. This information is not shared with any other organization and is kept confidential.

By accepting an MSGC award you agree to provide MSGC information about your studies and/or employment on request beyond the term of the award. This is part of a NASA requirement to track the long-range effectiveness of MSGC programs.

For questions please contact Chris Gregory (christina.gregory@montana.edu) or Jennifer Fowler (jennifer.fowler@umontana.edu)

This form is to verify presentations by MSGC funded students and give MSGC staff the ability to attend the presentations. Email is our primary form of communication.

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